Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ecò Age of Enlightenment

Whether in the role of a Jane Austen heartthrob or a modern-day environmentalist, Colin Firth's alright by me. This winter, Firth cracked open a new London shop, Ecò Age, with wife Livia Giuggioli, brother-in-law Nicola Giuggioli and financier-friend Ivo Coulson (far left).

"It's all about rethinking our habits," said Firth. "A huge number of people in [Great Britain] support the idea of eco-living but don't know what to do next." So up steps Ecò Age to solve the dilemma. With multiple floors offering a wide array of smart household products, appliances, furnishings and wall coverings (not to mention a knowledgeable staff at the ready to answer questions) the family-friendly shop ought to have it all covered.

A rendering of the West London shop designed by architect Guy Stansfeld

The goal of the shop is to not only to provide real - and simple - solutions to everyday matters, but to become a meeting place of sorts, "a place to have a cup of tea and talk about practical environmental solutions," said Nicola.

"We're keen not to be portrayed as eco-warriors," Livia told Vogue in a recent issue. "We want to empower people at a time when it's practically immoral not to care about the planet."

Optimism tempered by realism. How very 18th century. How very relevant still.

Ecò Age
23 Chiswick High Road