Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Palm Springs Art Museum's beautiful addition to Palm Desert

Last month I visited the new outpost of the Palm Springs Art Museum, the former Palm Desert Visitor Center now completely revamped, modernized and LEED-certified. This branch of the museum, officially called the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, is still taking shape, particularly when it comes to the garden behind the building. Summer's simply too hot to try and wrangle large outdoor sculpture, but there were markers in place for what's planned. (Can't wait to return!) The outdoor space is named for the late landscape designer and horticulturalist, Eric Johnson, who was well-known throughout the Coachella Valley. The garden features waterfalls, palms, cactus-dotted dunes, and a pathway inlaid with glass tiles, evocative of a gentle stream. The entire setting is lovely. It's a fantastic way to spend a few hours.

Because it was vacation, I didn't follow my normal routine of shooting the gallery labels; I was just lazily exploring the space and playing with a new camera phone. So, no object info. But, you can read more/see more on the exhibition, Rodin to Now: Modern Sculpture, by clicking here.