Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Testament of Cressida

Cressida Bell's 2008 Christmas card design

If one is lucky enough to be born into a family where granny is Vanessa Bell, pappy is Clive Bell, great-auntie is Virginia Woolf, and father is Quentin Bell, I suppose an artistic life should come quite naturally. And certainly it did for artist and designer Cressida Bell. Clearly inspired by her childhood spent amongst the Bloomsbury group, Bell's self-described "meticulous and highly decorative" drawings led her to establish a studio of her own some twenty-plus years ago, and she is now producing not only paintings, but a range of accessories, as well. A number of the designs for fashion accessories and housewares are special commissions created for organizations like the Geffrye Museum in London, her grandmother's house-turned-museum, Charleston, in Sussex, and the Art Fund, which aids in the acquisition of artworks for museums throughout the United Kingdom.

The illustrations on her note papers are easily my most favorite.

Announcements and note cards:

Christmas cards: