Saturday, December 07, 2013

Remodelista holiday cheer!

A few shots from this morning's Remodelista holiday market at Big Daddy's in Culver City. Totally got me in the Christmas spirit. My husband, too. He's in the kitchen baking spice cookies! **joy**

A classic Remodelista moment: repurpose, recycle, rethink.

Serious goods, silly goods. Everyone's happy.

I'm a fool for paperwhites. And those woven chairs.

Herschel came too, in his festive new sweater. :)

Monday, December 02, 2013

The gift of gratitude

I started off Thanksgiving with a quote, so it seems only appropriate to end the holiday in a similar fashion. This time it's not about looking back or reminiscing, but about living in (and finding peace with) the now:
"I try to focus on the present and be grateful for the things that I haveto want the things that I have rather than want things I don't have. I've had a wonderful, charmed life, so that's how I try to live."               
                                                                                             Robert F. Kennedy Jr.