Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sparks and Bubbles

Finnish designer Katriina Lankinen's Timalasi, or hourglass, champagne flute is the recent recipient of the Finnish Glass Museum's 'best flute' contest.

Lankinen graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2004, with a focus on furniture and interior design, but a segue into glass should come as no surprise. "I am a designer, no matter what the material," she says, and in fact the flute design started out as a lamp.

Well into the prototype lighting fixture's design in plastic, Lankinen began wondering how the design would work in glass. Slowly the drawings of the pinched form morphed into an elongated-hourglass shape and the glass flute was born. The vessel sat well in the hand and its subtle reference to the passage of time imbued the design with a romantic sentimentality.

The Tiimalasi-shamppanjalasi, as it is known in Finnish, features a clear conical bowl with a solid foot encasing a flash of colored glass, and is available through the Design Forum Shop (where Lankinen was the March Designer of the Month), for 67.00€.

Design Forum Shop
Erottajankatu 7, 00130 Helsinki

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