Sunday, July 29, 2007

Glass Act

Every kitchen has a collection of lone wine glasses. Pushed to the back of the cupboard, their counterparts broken long ago, these fragile survivors have remained out of some kind of attachment, some memory, a "maybe I'll need an extra someday" rationing. But now, thanks to Anke Rabba and Katrin Kuchenbecker of the Hamburg-based design firm, Dekoop, they may, once again, find themselves decorating the table.

Rabba and Kuchenbecker have developed parchment "lampshades" that work with nearly any size wine goblet. Drop a tealight in the bowl of the glass, roll up a shade and rest it on the rim. Instantly, those once-unused glasses are imbued with the charm of 1920s dinner theater table lamps. Rethink. Reuse. Cheap and cheerful never felt so good.

$20 for a set of three

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