Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking upward for inspiration

Designer Angela Adams at home in Portland, Maine.

As the daughter of a retired Naval meteorologist I'm somewhat predisposed to watching the sky. So when I read about designer Angela Adams's new weather-inspired rugs, Cumulus and Borealis, I just had to post them. They're made of hand-tufted wool from New Zealand, and come in a variety of colorways and sizes. What's even nicer is that a portion of each sale goes right back to the country of manufacture (in the case of these two, India), making the purchase as warm and fuzzy for your conscience as it is for your toes.

Cumulus (in Puff): "Cumulus clouds are full of personality and energy," says Adams. "They are like big bold animated shapes in the sky. At times they are puffy and playful, almost cartoon-like - while at other times they can be fiercely dominant and almost evoke a warning of the power they behold. They remind us that Mother Nature is always boss."

Borealis (in Glow): "Mother Nature puts on the most magical color displays late in the fall when the sky is clear and the air is cool. The flashes of greens dance in the sky so quickly that you see them out of the corner of your eye. The Borealis design has a flash of bright colors that pour down through the center and give off a soft, glowing burst of color."

Each design is available in two colorways, and seven standard sizes: 2.5'x8', 3’x5’, 5’x8’, 8’x10’, 8’ round, 9’x12’ and 11'x14'. Prices range from $370 to $3,500.

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