Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January's clarity

Danish artist Sia Mai's Less carafe (€75) and nesting glasses (€30 each)

When the Christmas tree has come down and the decorations and stockings have all been put away, I find myself drawn to super simple and unadorned forms in clean, easy colors. One of my most favorite online galleries, Craft 2 Eu, offers a beautiful range of glassware by Copenhagen-based artist Sia Mai that perfectly suits my January aesthetic.

Mai, who graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, first works up her designs in clay or plaster and then creates molds into which the glass is blown. Her drinking vessels are deceptively delicate and strong enough to stack, a key component of her designs. 

Structure glasses, €32 each

No matter the form, Mai's pieces are imbued with a sense of humor and offer a fun experience for the user. Lunchbox, which comes in two styles and a variety of sizes, was inspired by camping gear and is perhaps her most recognizable creation (it caught the eye of MoMA curators a few years ago). When released from its rubber band, the top and bottom become two bowls, ideal for sharing or serving.

Lunchboxes range from €85 to about €250.

Lunchboxes, shown with their elastics, and Mia's Picnic bottle and glass (€85 and €30, respectively), which secures in a similar fashion. It may be meant for al fresco dining, but I'd gleefully use it on my nightstand.

 To visit Sia Mai's Web site, click here.

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