Friday, February 03, 2012

Follow the leader

Timothy Oulton may be best known for his furniture lines, but his accessories and showrooms offer a plethora of inspiring design ideas that can be culled for your own home. From vintage cobblers' forms (an easy find at flea markets), to massing collections of pewter tankards or ceramic mugs, to framing old equestrian gearall sorts of fun and easy displays to replicate. The examples below come from the designer's space at H.D. Buttercup in Los Angeles.
The Union Jack's a perfect fit. Now imagine them painted with colorful stripes, polka dots, Magritte-like umbrellas or even flowers...
Duchamp celebrated the bottle dryer unadorned, but this is a cute and practical reuse of the rack. (Love the coronation mugsa timely nod to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.)
Mounted bits and stirrups: simple, clever, chic.

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