Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In celebration of spring

Raymond Loewy declared the egg "perfect in shape"—so in his honor, and in honor of the day, I bring you a round up of hand-crafted Easter eggs from Manufaktura, one of my favorite shops in Prague. The shells are real and decorated in a variety of traditional techniques but newer designs, such as the metal-wrapped example, are equally popular. Prices range from just $3 to $8—a tiny investment for a lifetime of decoration. And thanks to the store's handy e-shop, you can have them in time for the holiday.

A woven net of copper wire creates a graphic—and modernlook.

This floral motif was created by gently scratching away the pigment.

A wax-resist design depicts a young woman at a spinning wheel.

Carefully drilled holes create an almost lace-like pattern.

A raised design painted in red and white beeswax.

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