Monday, January 28, 2013

Make it a bright New Year with Room & Board

This morning, Room & Board began its twice-annual media tour. I'm a fan (maybe you've seen earlier posts on the shop) and a client (we bought a new sofa last fall), so I always love going to see what's new. And what's new this year is... color -- brilliant bright pops of it! The store has long been known for its neutral, natural palette, so to walk in and be met by a dazzling green sofa (Pantone's definitely in effect here) was exciting. 

With an expanded range of textiles (from blankets to rugs), and a burgeoning tween/teen department, as well as a booming outdoor collection, there's no shortage of great, easy, affordable pieces to add to your home. They've even restyled their catalogue to read -- and inspire -- like the pages of a magazine, right down to the pull quotes.

A quick run-down of my favorite finds:

The Murphy sofa, dressed in emerald green, and one of the few remaining hide rugs in the store. They can hardly keep them in stock. 

A sampling of the gorgeous new rug designs, handwoven in India: (clockwise from top) Medici, Kayseri, and Bokila.

I can't see a velvet sofa and not think of Mae West. I just can't. 

Colorful new textiles... with a delightful air of legendary designer David Hicks.

Snuggly alpaca blankets from the Danish manufacturer Elvang, one of the few European suppliers to Room & Board. Some 90% of the company's suppliers are American.

New this year: tabletop items from the Oregon firm Pigeon Toe. Lovely, smart pieces.  And more designs are on the way. (Yay!)

It's a lucky kid whose parents put together this kind of bedroom! (There's a clever storage drawer at the foot of the bed. Am eyeing this one for our own bedroom redo.) And I love the idea of using Josef Albers prints in a child's room, they're so bright and cheerful. And let's face it, it's never too early to start learning a little art history.

"Slip-colors," let's call them! Also new this year is a range of not-neutral Sunbrella slip-covers for Room & Board's outdoor furnishings. Would that I had a patio, I'd buy a few of each and rotate them through the seasons. 

For more information on Room & Board, click here. Or, visit them on Facebook, and enter to win a $5,000 sweepstakes! All you need to enter is a snap of how you're keeping their 2013 catalogue in your home. Dare  I admit that my cat's been sleeping on it? It is a lovely soft paper... I can't really blame her.

Happy shopping!

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