Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Contemporary Crafts in Poland

Galeria Opera, Ujazdowski Castle
Warsaw, Poland

In 1995 Poland-native Bożena Kulczyńska opened a gallery in Warsaw devoted to the promotion of Polish crafts. Already in tune with contemporary artistans via the architecture firm of her husband Bogdan Kulczyńska, with whom the gallery is associated, Bożena has brought together a well-edited and diverse offering of uniquely Polish design. The collection includes glass, ceramics, fiber and furniture as well as more industrial elements such as lighting. Over the last decade Bożena has curated dozens of solo and group exhibitions for the artists she represents, both in her own gallery and at venues in Paris, Budapest, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Rome.

Pieces shown:
Caviar bowls, Bogdan Kosak, gilded-and-glazed porcelain
Perfume bottle, Agnieszka Borowska, hand-ground optical glass

The gallery is located within Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw's Centre for Contemporary Art. The original castle, once a summer palace for the kings and queens of Poland, suffered repeated destruction over its 500 year history and although the 17th century exterior largely survived World War II, the castle was completely rebuilt in 1988.

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