Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bohemian Rhapsody

The German town of Passau, situated at the confluence of the Inn, Ilz and Danube rivers, is most widely known for its 15th century cathedral of St. Stephan. What fewer travelers find is the city's glass museum, located in the beautifully restored Hotel Wilder Mann near the old town hall.

The museum's 30,000-piece collection spans more than 300 years, making it the most extensive repository of Bohemian glass in the world.

Ruby-flashed flask with gilded depiction of the Christ Child, c. 1725

Footed vase with painted view of Dresden, Samuel Mohn, c. 1813

Portrait medallion of a young woman, Dominik Biemann, c. 1835

Historismus vases with young women in Rococo dress, c. 1858

Art Déco vase, flashed and gilded decoration, Adolf Rasche, c. 1930

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