Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Natural Progression

Blown-glass pepper

Known primarily for her freeform, gold jewelry designs, Italian-born artist, Ippolita, has recently begun a new line of naturalist accessories, this time for the home.

Born and raised in Florence, where she was deeply affected by the rich, cultural history and surrounding Tuscan landscape, Ippolita went on to study sculpture at the city's Instituto D'Arte before winning a full scholarship to Occidental College in Los Angeles to study dance. Now based in Manhattan, life's travels and experiences have defined her "socially and intellectually driven aesthetic" and for renewal and inspiration she frequently returns to her family's 16th-century farmhouse in Tuscany, which she has recently renovated.

Her sidestep from gold to other natural materials like glass, wood and ceramic, is all part of a larger exploration of craft. She continually tries new media as "each informs the other" and is currently at work on a modern-day reliquary series using blown-glass human figures as the vessel. Her jewelry, studio work and production pieces are all available on her website, housewares can also be found at Neiman Marcus.

Wood table

Goddess vase

Petrified-wood trivet

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