Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pick a Color, They're All Green

Studio JSPR, an interior design and product development group based in the Netherlands, is continuing to update its Plastic-Fantastic series with new designs for club chairs and tables. Their unique furniture and lighting pieces are all based on historical forms (primarily Victorian Rococo Revival), but covered in a special Soft Skin® rubber coating that exaggerates their unusual silhouette and makes them safe for indoor (think pets, kids,) and outdoor use. The studio offers a wide range of color choices, as well as metallics, and can even rubber-coat a client's existing pieces. (Note: put the rubber on your plastic and rack up some air miles - chairs start at about $1200 and sofas at $5000)

The four-person design team, founded by Design Academy Eindhoven-graduate Jasper van Grootel in 2005, has also begun dressing up the Voltaire chairs with Swarovski crystals - a collaboration with human BeDazzler, Marieu van den Broek.

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