Friday, November 30, 2007

Precious Mettle

"Merchant's daughter" earrings

Brigitte Adolph (b. 1975, Fulda, Germany) is a goldsmith not only by training, but by genetic disposition. Adolph spent much of her childhood at her father's atelier and became familiar with the tools and processes of the trade long before her formal studies in jewelry design. She enrolled in programs that took her to Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland, before finally settling in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Shown here are two examples from Adolph's "Spitzen-Schmuck" collection, which grew out of her longtime fascination with antique lace and embroidery. In 2002, she began transforming fragments of family heirlooms into elaborate gold "lace" jewels. Although primarily based on historic designs, a number of her pieces have a remarkably modern quality - an almost 60s, Pucci-esque appeal. But what I find most fascinating about Adolph's designs, is the element of surprise - their delicacy belies their strength.

"Orient" earrings

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