Friday, November 09, 2007

Tactile Twist

With each uniquely-designed vase or bowl, London-based artist Ian McIntyre tells both sides of a material's story: the material as manipulated by man and the material left to its own natural tendencies. "Process led design," as he calls it, allows the chosen material (either pewter or clay) to permanently reflect a choice made in an instant. By changing the force with which a mould is spun, or by shattering the mould altogether, McIntyre takes control by releasing it. The resulting designs, whilst complex in creation, are, in the artist's words, "simple... with little pretence."

The Slush Cast Bowl is made of recycled pewter. While molten, the material is swirled around a bowl-form mould to create a thin layer of metal, smooth on the exterior and left rough on the interior. Bowls are produced in a series, but no two are alike.

The Broken Vase is made of porcelain, with a clear glaze on the interior. The cylindrical moulds, made of plaster, are each broken around the pour hole by McIntyre, then cast and glazed at a local manufacturer.

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