Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From William Randolph Hearst's home to yours: stunning new decorative tiles

Artist Jacqueline Moore at work on a birch tile.

Town & Country may have said it best: "There's not a mansion on either side of the Mississippi that can hold a candelabra to Hearst Castle." The same praise might be heaped on British-born artist Jacqueline Moore, who, from her studio in Santa Monica, California, has partnered with Tilevera and the Hearst Castle Collection to create the Celestial Series, a line of painted-wood tiles inspired by architect Julia Morgan's drawings for the castle's Celestial Suite. And they're not just pretty, they do good, tooa portion of the proceeds go directly to preservation efforts at the historic property.

I'm smitten.

Click here to read the LA Times's recent article.

A completed tile in silvery blue. The collection also includes designs done in warm golden tones.

The Celestial Suite at Hearst Castle, which Hedda Hopper (a frequent guest) once described as "a jewel case."

One of Morgan's drawings for the suite's elaborate ceiling.

Images, top to bottom: Amy Benton, James Hilger, Hearst Castle/California State Parks


  1. Maile ~ what a complete honour to see this blog post, and how fabulously it shows our works on wood. Thank you!! Inspired by history and its great innovators ~ moved as if through the ease of gentle waters to be compelled to story our thoughts in painted rhythms along with Julia's in what we hope is harmony and a fresh take on homage in result:)

  2. Thank you, Jacqueline!