Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart strings—jeweler Corina Rietveld's hand-worked designs

Embroidery bracelet

Metal and fiber may be an unlikely pairing but in the hands of jewelry designer Corina Rietveld they combine brilliantly.

Working primarily in silver, Rietveld produces pieces that are startlingly modern yet sentimental. Her punched or notched rings and bracelets are stitched or wrapped with colorful threads. Over time the threads age, change color, and eventually wear away, leaving an even more minimalist design. It's entirely up to each client if they wish to have them restrung, either in the original colorway or in an altogether new one.

Rietveld, who graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2003, works from her small home studio in Rosmalen, about an hour south of Amsterdam. She's participated in design exhibitions throughout the Netherlands, as well as Milan, Paris, London, and Budapest, and has won multiple awards at the French trade show, Eclat de Mode.

Her designs, which range in price from about 120 to 265 euros, can be purchased directly via her Web site,

Embroidery ring

Wrap bracelet

Green coverings double ring

Green coverings single ring

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