Sunday, October 21, 2012

Color me happy: Gräf & Lantz's Bierfilzl coasters

For nearly two years we have searched for attractive and absorbent coasters. Hallelujah, we found them yesterday!

We were in downtown Los Angeles strolling through the Chinatown art galleries, when we decided to pop into 5th Floor... I admit, largely because there was an irresistible Beagle-mix (?) pooch sitting in the doorway.

The shop has all sorts of fun home objects, but spying the wool-felt coasters made us lose track of everything else. They're made by the Hollywood-based firm Gräf & Lantz, and come in a fun array of brights and neutralswe opted for the later, in ash brown. 

Felt coasters have been in use in German pubs since the 19th century. They absorb the condensation, protect the table and serve as a handy glass cover, lest any critters from the beer garden should fall in while you've stepped away. It's genius; felt is durable and natural. For more info on the coasters, click here

The coasters are as suited to frosty mimosas as they are to hot coffeethey either absorb the water or disperse the heat. (That's Norah, below.)

And, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Olivia, the sweetie that lured us into the shop, spent the rest of our visit lounging happily on her Shaggy Shank. Yes, Shaggy Shank. How cute is that!?! A steak of one's own, made of chenille, faux fur and corduroy. Learn more about the clever design by Andrew Armstrong, here.

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