Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Front to back: It's a clever collage for David Hicks

Like father, like son: designer Ashley Hicks's 2003 publication on David Hicks's legendary career.

Today's book, David Hicks: Designer, might have my most favorite endpapers since they're collages of Hicks's work—it's almost like a little glimpse of his desktop, a glimpse back in time. Not only are there hand-written notes and sketches of patterns and interiors, but beautiful landscape studies. And because more is more, both front and back pages differ. The book was created by the Estate of David Hicks and published by Scriptum Editions. The book's designers, Pritty Ramjee, Karen Watts, and Ashley Hicks, did such a brilliant job. You know they had fun putting this one together.


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