Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little Sunday reading... and a lot of inspiration

The New Guard: Nina Yashar (click to read the feature)

What a treasure-find in the May 2012 issue of W: Andrea Lee's article on dealer Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar in Milan, with photographs by François Halard.

My favorite passage...

"Like most people whose life and work make up a seamless whole—the happy ones, that is—Yashar finds a near religious satisfaction in what she does. 'Doing this kind of work is like a spiritual exercise,' she says. 'You are always reaching a new level of insight. Sometimes Miuccia and other friends and I will be just sitting around brainstorming, and the atmosphere is charged with energy, and I feel like I have contributed to it. Change—calling into question established truths and juxtaposing strange things that no one ever thought of putting together before—that is how I believe you get a really fresh view of life or of art; that's how creativity is born.'

Yashar passed her hand through her dark curls and shook her head. 'More than once I have been called selvaggia—a wild woman,' she said with a grin. "And that's because of the way I work; not for commerce but for passion. I believe that the real merchant doesn't just think about buying and selling. The important thing is to give people insight into their own imagination, to open new territories. To have them be able to live with the idea that anything is possible.'"

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