Thursday, May 10, 2012

My first trip to Abell's

I've heard about Abell's auction house for years but have never been... until yesterday! I went with two very dear friends, who, by the way, are first-rate design mavens and downright brilliant shoppers. Watching them go through the lots and discuss everything was a hoot, especially as Abell's doesn't offer much information on the tags and there's no cataloguepresumably because it's weekly sales and there just isn't time. The Wednesday previews are really the only chance to see the items... but what you might also see are some of Los Angeles's biggest interior designers searching for treasures. It pains me to keep them nameless.

Below, a few fun finds....

The lovely Lois Boardman test-driving a potential set of new garden chairs.

Am tempted to bid on this pair...

I'm no hard-core modernist. This would be my kind of Stan Bitters-type outdoor wall sculpture.

Just "Italian plastic chairs" on the label... knew them but couldn't remember the designer... came home, Googled, and yep: Vico Magistretti, Gaudi chairs, designed in 1970 -- reissued a couple of years ago. Five bids already made as of yesterday afternoon. Will be fun to watch.

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